At TLG, we facilitate personal growth, cross-generational understanding, and open communication for our clients. We work on the individual, team, and organizational levels to help each person be the best version of themselves in the workplace and in their personal lives.

One-on-one leadership coaching is at the heart of what we do. We help our clients grow their leadership capacity by pushing them on their goals, providing accountability, and offering helpful techniques and tools along the way. Our one-on-one coaching results in leaders who are more self-aware, productive, and interpersonally skilled. Read more

With engagements ranging from helping co-founders overcome early obstacles, to working with larger teams to develop new skills and norms of productive interaction, we have a deep-rooted philosophy to team development that emphasizes experiential learning and sustained support and coaching that delivers lasting results. Read more

Michael Terrell has been leading group workshops and giving speeches about intentional leadership for nearly 10 years. He brings a spritz of humor, contagious energy, and a bevy of actionable-now insights into every talk. Favorite topics include: Getting the Most out of Your Millennial Team and Developing Authentic Leadership. Read more

Why choose us?

  • Better manage your young team
  • Lead a more fulfilled life
  • Have an experienced hand guide you to your passions
  • Bring in a speaker to inspire your team


I could not recommend working with Michael more. Over the three months we worked together, he helped me dig in and get clear about what I value and what contribution I want to make to the world at large–work that has touched both my personal and professional lives. Personally, he helped me turn a strong intuition into a clear path forward. I realized that my personal life (i.e., family, friends, se…Former McKinsey Consultant, Repeat Entrepreneur

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